Featuring either our PULRGRip™ or BackHook™ Technologies, our ReadyToPull™ cable pulling adapters are designed to protect the connector of a pre-terminated patch cable and transfer the pulling force to the cable sheath. They are designed to be very affordable so that they can be included on the patch cables, right in their bags, hence make the patch cables ReadyToPull™ as they come out of their bags.

Our re-entrant PULRGrip™ is designed to match the cable outer diameter. This provides a light-duty pulling force up up to 15 lbs. The PULRGRip™ mechanism paired with a connector cavity is PCT patent pending by PULR Technologies Inc.

Our BackHook™ Technology, is designed to take advantage of injection molded cable boots on pre-terminated patch cables, to enable heavy duty pulling up to 50 lbs. They work by transferring the force to the transition between the cable sheath and the injection molded boot. The BackHook™ is  PCT patent pending by PULR Technologies Inc.

Our cable pulling adapters, on an OEM basis, make it possible to drastically cut down use of electrical tape, if not entirely eliminate its use, saving time, increasing productivity and cable/tape scraps. They are made available on an OEM volume commitment a a price that makes it viable to include them with every patch cable.

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HDMI Puller
HDMI Puller Sale price$24.99 USD
ReadyToPull SC 4.8 mmReadyToPull SC 4.8 mm
ReadyToPull SC 4.8 mm Sale price$24.99 USD
ReadyToPull SC 3 mmReadyToPull SC 3 mm
ReadyToPull SC 3 mm Sale price$24.99 USD
FTTH Flat Drop PullerFTTH Flat Drop Puller
FTTH Flat Drop Puller Sale price$24.99 USD